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15 Gorgeous Horizontal Fence Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Become the neighborhood trendsetter by installing the most beautiful horizontal fence on the block. Millions of homeowners search for new fence designs with horizontal boards rather than the traditional vertical fence styles that grace most yards. With a wide selection of horizontal fences, picking the right one takes time and effort. At Stand Strong Fencing, we have sped up your journey by curating the following list of the 15 most popular horizontal fence ideas.

What Is a Horizontal Fence?

A horizontal fence consists of horizontal boards placed on one another and held up by posts. Instead of putting fence panels vertically into the ground, fence posts hold up the horizontal panels to provide privacy or demarcate property lines. Horizontal fences appeal to many homeowners looking for a new approach to exterior home design.

1. Aluminum Horizontal Fence

Aluminum metal has many advantages, such as rust resistance and sturdy composition. The metal lasts longer than wood and requires less maintenance. These qualities make aluminum horizontal fences a good option for residential and commercial properties. Paint the fence in attractive colors to add contrast and highlight the home against a vibrant background.

2. Black Horizontal Fence

A black horizontal fence adds a sleek element to modern house designs. A bold, black, horizontal wood fence can also accentuate various features of the property, like a well-kept lawn or a fountain. Vinyl, aluminum, composite, and wood top the list of materials that make excellent black horizontal fences.

3. Cedar Horizontal Fence

High-quality cedar horizontal fences add rustic charm to a house. Horizontal cedar fences make beautiful front yard fences, enhancing curb appeal. Since a front yard fence tends to be shorter than a backyard fence, try installing a quaint horizontal cedar fence in the front to mark the boundary lines and keep small children and pets inside the yard.

4. Contemporary Horizontal Fence

Nothing compliments a modern-style house better than a contemporary horizontal fence. Manufacturers have developed various horizontal fence design ideas to please consumer tastes, incorporating different materials for all budgets. Horizontal fence panels create a touch of elegance that spotlights a property’s best features without overpowering them.

5. Horizontal Cedar and Metal Fence

A horizontal wood fence provides privacy while beautifying the surroundings. As a popular wood choice for making fences, cedar presents many advantages. The affordable price and insect resistance of cedar wood appeals to most buyers. Decorate the edges of a horizontal cedar fence with metal posts or caps to accentuate the wood.

6. Horizontal Garden Fence

Garden fences make the yard look neat and prevent wild animals from taking off with the hard-earned produce. You can proudly display flowers and heirloom vegetables within a horizontal garden fence. When setting up a garden fence, make sure the posts stand straight. The planks sit flush on perfectly vertical posts.

7. Horizontal Ipe Fence

Incorporate the rich colors of the Brazilian walnut, or Ipe, into a horizontal fence. As one of the most complex types of wood, Ipe offers a lot of advantages. This versatile wood resists termites, withstands harsh weather conditions, and has a Class A fire rating. An Ipe horizontal fence design adds an exotic touch to the property and requires little maintenance.

8. Horizontal Privacy Fence

Unlike shadow box or louvered fences, horizontal privacy fences have no space between the boards. This backyard fence design delivers complete privacy from prying eyes when entertaining guests or spending a lazy afternoon in the backyard with the family. Property owners can create horizontal privacy fences using wood, vinyl, metal, and other sturdy materials.

9. Horizontal Reed Fence

Setting up a horizontal reed fence requires little labor but still provides home occupants privacy from passersby. Traditional horizontal fences consist of wide panels placed horizontally on top of each other with or without spaces. A reed fence has narrow horizontal panels evenly spaced apart to give a backyard a simple, unassuming look.

10. Horizontal Shadow Box Fence

Shadow box fences feature columns of boards on alternating sides of the fence posts. The horizontal boards in a shadow box fence have a gap of one and a half or two inches. This detail allows airflow onto the property, and homeowners can peer out on their neighborhood from the yard. A horizontal shadow box fence catches the eye because of its unusual design.

11. Horizontal Wooden Pallet Fence

For an affordable fence that keeps pets or small children inside the yard, wooden pallets offer the best solution. Set up sturdy wooden pallets to make an easy patio fence. Or, place the wooden pallets horizontally along the property’s boundary. Beautify them by painting splashes of color or hanging potted plants from the boards.

12. Horizontal Woven-Wood Fence

Another rustic horizontal fence idea involves weaving wood planks between sturdy fence posts. Also known as the basket-weave fence, a woven-wood fence allows airflow into the backyard and a partial view of the neighborhood. This creative horizontal wood fence design sparks conversation and demonstrates a little craftsmanship with its woven horizontal boards.

13. Louvered Horizontal Fence

Louvered horizontal fences have become increasingly popular because they offer several benefits. Constructed by placing the horizontal slats at an angle, louvered fences produce a pleasing visual effect. This fence project helps home occupants feel an occasional breeze in their backyard while providing semi-privacy at the same time.

14. Vinyl Horizontal Fence

For a modern horizontal fence, vinyl lasts a long time by withstanding exposure to the elements. Unlike wood or metal fences, vinyl fences will not rot or rust in the rain. Owning fences with this material requires little maintenance because they resist termite and other insect attacks. Homeowners can make a trendy statement with a vinyl horizontal fence.

15. Wooden Horizontal Stepped Fence

Construct a wooden horizontal stepped fence along the property to make the best of uneven ground. Creating a stepped fence involves placing an equal number of horizontal wood planks on top of each other between wood or metal posts of different heights. The irregular ground gives the fence a step effect as it runs along the property.