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Aluminum Fence Styles Guide: 10 Top Choices and Buying Tips

Pick the perfect aluminum fence style for any property! High-quality aluminum fences perform better than most of the other metal fences, making them one of the fastest-growing fencing solutions. Is an aluminum fence right for your property? Let’s examine why property owners should choose this type of fence. Then we will check out some of the most popular aluminum fence designs.

Why Choose Aluminum Fencing?

Discover the reasons why millions of property owners choose aluminum fences. In recent years, the popularity of aluminum fence designs has soared. Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, aluminum fences demonstrate considerable versatility.

Some of the other reasons to choose an aluminum fence include:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Wide selection
  • Affordability

A homeowner may choose a residential aluminum fence to put the finishing touches on various projects. Some of the most common applications include swimming pool safety and animal containment. An aluminum privacy fence can increase discretion while enhancing curb appeal.

The Top 10 Best Aluminum Fence Ideas

Whether a property owner wants a residential aluminum fence with an ornamental design or needs a new commercial fence to replace the old one, they will find plenty of unique aluminum fence designs on the market. Find 10 of the best aluminum fence ideas for all settings and applications.

1. Flat Top

Flat-top aluminum fences achieve a simple, minimalistic look that works well in today’s contemporary homes. A flat-top rail with a flush bottom also adheres to swimming pool requirements in most states. The fence provides security without overpowering the architecture in the background.

2. Pickets and Finials

Live the American dream with an aluminum picket fence. This fence design delivers the traditional feel of a wooden picket fence but is immune to pests and wood rot. Add decorative finials and post caps to make the fence stand out. Choosing the ideal picket spacing will keep small pets and active toddlers inside the yard.

3. Horizontal Slats

Straying from the more traditional look, horizontal slats have become popular in modern-style homes. Aluminum fence experts can customize the horizontal slats so homeowners can select how much visibility they have. Powder-coated aluminum slats are ideal in harsh climates and enhance a property’s overall appearance.

4. Aluminum and Wood

Combining aluminum and wood adds natural beauty to fences with rustic and modern styles. The typical design involves aluminum posts that hold wooden panels between the rails, protecting the wooden slats from natural decay. Homeowners can customize these fences to provide complete privacy or a partial street view.

5. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs on fences often feature black aluminum material and make bold statements on residential properties. This type of fencing design adds a unique twist that reflects the personal style of the property owners. The soft, malleable nature of aluminum makes it easy to mold and shape into any geometric design.

6. Solid Aluminum Panel

Solid aluminum fence panels are trending again for new, modern houses. The panels come in attractive colors, designs, and finishes so homeowners can customize their fences according to their preferences. This style of fence design can surround the whole property to provide complete privacy from any passersby.

7. Pool Fence

Setting up a fence around swimming pools will provide some security against severe accidents. Self-closing gates for aluminum pool fences offer ease of use and foolproof security if someone forgets to close the gate behind them. The simplistic designs of most pool fences work with most backyards, keeping small pets and children safe.

8. Aluminum and Stone

Aluminum and stone fences bring the beauty of natural elements to create a powerful, modern look for residential properties. Stone pillars form the structural framework, while low-maintenance aluminum panels fill most of the remaining space. Granite, limestone, and slate present different choices of colors and textures.

9. Privacy Fence

Privacy fences offer security and solitude for owners of residential properties located in crowded neighborhoods with little distance between adjacent houses. Standing at around six feet tall, privacy fences keep wild animals out and block the view for potential burglars and vandals. Installing a lattice at the top of the fence may still allow homeowners to look out onto the streets when they stand up.

10. Corrugated Aluminum

Corrugated aluminum fences are easy to set up and feature panels that can be oriented vertically or horizontally. This type of fence will ensure that the backyard remains a secluded area, away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. A cost-effective, durable option, corrugated aluminum fences remain popular in commercial settings as well.

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Aluminum Fence

When selecting an aluminum fence style, savvy property owners consider at least four different factors: height, purpose, color, and number of rails. Customers who contemplate these four considerations enjoy a better understanding of what they want in an aluminum fence. Let’s discuss each factor in turn.

1. Fence Height

For a commercial or residential aluminum fence to perform as intended, height can make all the difference. First, determine the purpose of the fence. For example, a decorative fence with an ornamental design can stand a little shorter than an aluminum privacy fence.

An aluminum fence intended to keep dogs in the yard should be six feet tall. This height will also prevent large game from entering the yard. For extra privacy, though, the fence posts, pickets, and panels should stand a little taller.

2. Residential vs. Commercial

Property owners must determine whether the aluminum fence needs to be residential or commercial grade, and the answer is not always clear. Some homeowners may wish to upgrade to a commercial-grade aluminum fence to take advantage of the extra benefits it provides.

Commercial aluminum fences are stronger than residential aluminum fencing because they are thicker by an eighth of an inch. The sections of a commercial aluminum fence are also longer than those of a residential fence design, setting the fence posts farther away.

3. Color

Put the finishing touch on a new aluminum fence by selecting the color. Many homeowners like to match their aluminum fences to other hardware found on the house’s exterior, like handles, hinges, and locks. As a result, the most popular colors are black, white, and all the metallics.

Fence style often determines the color choice. For example, white remains the most popular option for an aluminum picket fence. Decorative fences with ornamental post caps are often painted black to mimic wrought iron.

4. Number of Rails

Most aluminum fences have between two and four horizontal rails. There is always one near the top and one near the bottom. Sometimes, aluminum fencing will double up on the rails at the top and bottom for extra style and additional security.

Once the number of rails is decided for the aluminum fencing, pick the post caps and finials, if any. Post caps range from simple, geometric designs to ornate statuettes. Finials are often spears, triads, or quads, but custom options are available as well.

The Most Popular Aluminum Fence Styles | Stand Strong Fencing

Now that you know what to look for in an aluminum fence, which fence style will you choose? From picket fences to corrugated fences, we covered the most popular aluminum fence styles. Our seasoned fencing experts can help you select the ideal fence before performing a perfect aluminum fence installation. Call Stand Strong Fencing at 615-431-1511 to schedule the next available consultation.