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Exploring Options: Front Yard Fence Ideas for Every Home

Put the finishing touch on the house with a beautiful front yard fence! Most front yard fences complement or accent a home’s architecture, enhancing its curb appeal and providing extra security. However, many homeowners find it challenging to choose fences for their front yards due to the wide array of styles available.

Let’s discuss why homeowners should install fences in their front yards and look at some of the most popular fence designs.

Why Set Up a Front Yard Fence?

For millions of homeowners, setting up a front yard fence is one of the last steps toward achieving the American Dream. A white picket fence, or even a rustic split-rail fence, symbolizes success and contentment. But what are some of the most practical reasons to set up a fence in the front yard? Discover why you should install a vinyl, metal, or wood fence below.

Curb Appeal

Although it may seem like a subtle change, installing a charming front yard fence can boost curb appeal. To increase curb appeal, the fence should blend well with the yard landscaping and home exterior. Well-maintained fences that provide a good view of the house and the front yard create an attractive frame for the whole property.


A privacy fence gives homeowners a sense of security and improved peace of mind. However, a tall fence can sometimes obstruct the view and bring down the curb appeal of a property. For some people, these results might seem like a fair trade-off. Fencing contractors often recommend a moderate approach to provide homeowners the best of both worlds.


Fences keep little ones and family pets inside the yard, allowing them to experience the joy of running around outside in a controlled environment. Homeowners with small children or pets should periodically check that the fences remain strong and safe to avoid accidents. Keep the spacing between boards small enough to prevent heads or limbs from getting stuck in the gaps.


Fences play an essential role in providing security for homes, acting as the first layer of defense and deterring intruders from unauthorized entry to the property. A tall, imposing privacy wall can also block the view from prying eyes. However, a taller fence might affect the view from the house and make the home seem uninviting from the outside. Striking a good balance will go a long way.

Best Materials to Fence Front Yard Areas

Choose the best materials for any front yard fence style! A fence’s purpose and design often dictates which materials to use. Similarly, the materials found on the home’s exterior should complement those chosen for the new fence. Some of the considerations surrounding the selection of materials include:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Durability
  • Price

When choosing fence materials, homeowners should also think about any plants growing adjacent to the fence. The home’s architectural style should also factor into the selection of materials. Let’s look at some of the most common wood, metal, and vinyl fence materials.

Wood Fences

Most wooden fences consist of boards, pickets, and rails. They remain popular with millions of homeowners because of their natural, homey feel.

As long as a wooden fence receives the regular care it deserves, it should stand for decades. Find information about wood fences made with boards, pickets, and rails below.


An affordable, easy-to-install option, boards make great fences without breaking the bank. Installing fence panels of equal height along the property line not only marks the boundaries, but it also beautifies the property. Homeowners can arrange boards vertically or opt for a modern twist, which involves installing them horizontally.


Everybody loves a white picket fence. It remains a beloved symbol of a wholesome family home. Add a modern touch by alternating picket height or cutting off the peaks of the traditional pickets to create safe, flat tops. Homeowners can also paint picket fences in bright colors to make them pop and add a personal touch to the house.


Setting up a split-rail fence costs less because it uses less materials than other fences. The split-rail fence holds two or three long horizontal rails between fence posts to mark the boundary lines. Ranch-style, “X” fences are similar to split rail fences, except the rails form an “X” between the top and bottom rails, adding an interesting twist.

Metal Fences

In many ways, a metal fence represents a significant upgrade from a wood fence. Metal lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and performs better than wood.

Metal fences cost more than their wooden counterparts because they require custom welding at the job site. Prefabricated metal fences are becoming more common as well.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences symbolize opulence, adding a touch of elegance to both traditional and modern houses. With proper care and maintenance, wrought iron fences can last for decades. However, rust and corrosion eat away at the metal if the fence remains exposed to the elements. Opting for a prefabricated wrought iron fence might save the homeowner money, but custom fences make a home one of a kind.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing offers protection against intruders and wild animals while keeping small children and pets inside the yard. Because of their practical, utilitarian nature, chain link fences might bring down the curb appeal of a home. Property owners can plant decorative creepers along the base of a chain link fence so they grow to hide the chain link, beautifying the front yard.


Metal balusters, or pickets, make good fences because they are sturdy, low maintenance, and hold up well in all weather conditions. Often constructed from aluminum, steel, or other sturdy metals, these types of fences provide a long-lasting solution by demarcating the boundaries of the property and keeping out trespassers. Homeowners can add metal pickets, finials, or even arches.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is affordable, long-lasting, and available in a wide array of colors. Vinyl and PVC fences often mimic the look of a white picket fence or other popular front yard fencing ideas.

The appearance of a vinyl fence may not contend with the natural aesthetics of a wooden fence. But regular cleaning with soap and water will keep it looking its best.

7 Popular Front Yard Fence Designs

Discover the most popular front yard fence designs for residential properties.

Front yard fences serve several purposes, including security, privacy, and ornamentation. As a result, homeowners can choose between many different front yard fencing ideas to border their properties. Find the best front yard fences below.

1. Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

Horizontal wood fences have become a popular option for modern houses because the design adds a novel touch of style. Oftentimes, the horizontal wood fence accents the house by sharing structural elements like wooden beams or wooden window frames. The well-planned use of materials creates a pleasing effect because the house and the fence complement each other.

2. Ranch-Style X-Shaped Fence

Nothing conjures up a vision of the American countryside more than the thought of a ranch-style X-shaped fence. The robust X-shaped fence, formed by criss-crossing two wooden or metal rails, can withstand the elements and keep livestock on the farm. For those wanting to add a little rustic charm to their home, the X-shaped fence will do the trick.

3. Overgrown Picket Fence

A picket fence filled with creepers and ornamental flowers arouses a sense of nostalgia and projects the beauty of simple living. An overgrown picket fence reminds us that nature exists all around us and beautifies the front yard landscaping. Achieving a delicate harmony between man-made designs and Mother Nature, overgrown picket fences deliver timeless appeal.

4. Mixed-Media Fence

Combining different materials to create a fence will deliver a modern look to any home. Wood, metal, and vinyl contribute their best features to a fence, making it stronger, easier to clean, and more affordable than a fence made with only one type of material. This front yard fence design will also make it less likely that the neighbors have the same fence.

5. Modern Horizontal Metal Fence

Horizontal metal fences make a good substitute for horizontal wooden fences because they are stronger and more durable. A black horizontal metal fence will accentuate the house in the background without taking center stage. Low-maintenance and eco-friendly, horizontal metal fences can update the home to satisfy modern tastes.

6. Traditional Metal Fence

In humid areas where moisture retention makes it hard to take care of wood fences, a metal fence represents a better alternative. While wood fences might cost less, investing in a metal fence will require less care and maintenance down the road. Homeowners can install a metal fence that takes after any traditional wooden fence design, like a picket fence or ranch-style x-shaped fence.

7. Split-Rail Fence

A split-rail fence possesses two or more horizontal wooden rails that are spaced apart from each other. They often help to demarcate property boundaries at a low cost. These charming fences portray a vision of country life, blending in well with a natural backdrop. Split-rail fences can also lead to a rustic driveway gate, showcasing a laid-back lifestyle and approach to landscaping.

5 Front Yard Fence Ideas

Uncover some of the latest trends in fencing! The public’s taste in fencing shifts slowly by adding, subtracting, or otherwise altering the elements of a fence, one at a time.

Over time, these subtle changes cause a noticeable evolution in fence design. Find some of the best fence ideas for the front yard below.

Place a Mailbox by the Gate

Since the fence encloses the front yard, place a mailbox by the front gate to make sure you receive the mail. That way, the mailman can deliver the post even if the locked fence makes it impossible to reach the front door. Putting a clear sign containing the house number will also help the mailman perform his duties.

Stagger the Height of Fence Sections

Altering the height of the fence at strategic points along the property lines does more than create visual interest. It can also enhance the view from the house while providing sufficient security against trespassers. This approach will deliver extra privacy where needed without blocking the entire view all along the perimeter of the property.

Construct a Fence Gate by Your Front Door

Rather than building a fence around the entire yard, some new homeowners have chosen to construct fence gates right in front of their front doors. These gates create a space to meet guests, remove footwear, and have a chat before entering. They also provide extra protection against would-be intruders.

Decorate the Post Caps of the Fence

Add a little extra flair to your fence by decorating the post caps. Painting the post caps with a different color than the fence panels will make them pop. The color contrast draws attention to the post caps, which is exactly what the homeowner wants after carefully selecting them. Some homeowners like to decorate fence posts and post caps temporarily for holidays and special events.

Front Yard Fence FAQs

Can I build a fence around my front yard?

You can build a fence around your front yard if your local laws or homeowners association (HOA) allow it. In many jurisdictions, a front yard fence may not exceed four feet in height. To avoid code violations and HOA complaints, always hire a professional fencing company to build a fence in your front yard.

What is the best fence for a yard?

An aluminum fence is the best fence for a yard because it is attractive, durable, and affordable. Vinyl fences perform almost as well as aluminum fences but require occasional cleaning with soap and water. Wood fences remain the traditional choice but need the most maintenance to mitigate pest infestations and wood rot.

What is the cheapest outdoor fence?

PVC fencing is the cheapest outdoor fence for residential applications. Vinyl fences mimic the appearance of wooden pickets and rails without demanding the high upkeep of genuine wood. They also cost less than wood and aluminum fences, allowing homeowners to invest their money elsewhere in the house.

Front Yard Fences | Stand Strong Fencing

What type of front yard fencing ideas do you prefer? We examined everything from a modern horizontal wooden fence to a split-rail fence. Our veteran fencing experts can help you choose the perfect fence for your house. Call Stand Strong Fencing at 615-431-1511 to schedule a free consultation.