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11 Most Popular Types of Wood Fence Styles

Give your home a mini-makeover by implementing one of our 11 wood fence ideas. High-quality wood fencing enhances a home’s curb appeal and offers privacy against the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. At Stand Strong Fencing, we install the most popular styles of fences made with the best wood available. Discover the top 11 kinds of wood fence styles for front and back yards.

1. Horizontal Wood Fence With Metal Posts

Horizontal wood fences increase the functionality and improve the curb appearance of a property. With wood planks hammered close together, this option works great as a wood privacy fence, providing seclusion from passersby on the road and sidewalk.

A horizontal fence has metal posts to stand strong in all weather conditions. As one of the most durable options, metal posts also prolong the lifespan of a fence. Fencing pros always ensure the vertical posts are anchored firmly in the ground during construction.

2. Horizontal Wood Fence With Wood Posts

Horizontal fences provide ample privacy and protection for people on both sides. A popular choice for residential backyards, horizontal wooden fences keep children and pets safely on the property.

Horizontal wood fence style with wood posts adds uniformity while making the home attractive with earthy tones. Applying different shades of wood stains for the horizontal wooden planks and posts can add a visually pleasing touch to the fence.

3. Horizontal Wood Fence With Caps and Trim

A horizontal wood fence with caps provides the privacy of a stockade fence but looks much more polished. Placing a flat piece of wood on top of horizontal fences creates a more detailed look and beautifies the property. A board-on-board fence protects the edges of the horizontal wood planks from rain and other harsh weather.

This board-on-board fence design appeals to many homeowners because it offers maximum privacy and extra security without being too overstated. Property owners can experiment with new and exciting ideas by swapping in some of the latest cap and trim styles.

4. Horizontal Wood Fence With Top Slats

Toppers on wooden fences add a little extra style. Horizontal wood fences with missing top slats allow a partial view of the neighborhood while still managing to give homeowners some privacy. The design also permits airflow into a backyard that is otherwise closed off.

A wood horizontal fence becomes an ideal choice for backyards as it grants privacy for homeowners. However, the design can block the view and fresh air from blowing into the yard. Top slats present a useful compromise for people wanting both.

5. Good Neighbor Fence

A good neighbor fence reflects compromise and provides the best solution for two adjacent residents. Hire a pro to build the fence and share the expenses with a friendly neighbor. Installing a fence on boundary lines can become tricky if you do not communicate with your neighbor.

The good neighbor fence has vertical slats that alternate the way they face after each fence post. This effect creates a uniform, aesthetically pleasing pattern. The good neighbor design makes both sides of the fence look equal, so one neighbor does not have to look at the back of the fence for the entire length.

6. Wooden Post and Rail Fence

A wooden post and rail fence offers a simple solution for setting up boundary lines. These types of fences do not require a lot of labor because they are easy for fence experts to build. Although they provide minimal privacy, post and rail fences will still do a good job of marking the boundaries of the property.

This wood fence style has two or three horizontal rails connected to posts to keep them in place. Setting up these types of fences goes back to colonial times and adds a rustic feel to the home.

7. Lattice Fence

Lattice wood fences possess crisscrossing panels, much like a garden trellis. Latticework creates an attractive fence design that conjures up some nostalgic charm for a house. Vines and creepers tend to grow on lattice fences, much like they do on chain-link fences.

A lattice fence allows the breeze to blow through it while offering partial shade from the sun. This fence design also keeps out wild animals. Homeowners can often obtain affordable, readymade lattice wood fence panels that make it easy for professionals to set up the fence.

8. Charming Picket Fence

The classic all-American wooden picket fence remains a symbol of the American Dream. Evenly-spaced pickets along the boundary lines create a warm, welcoming look from the street. Line the fence with shrubs, climbing plants, or flowers for added curb appeal.

Although the traditional picket fence comes in white, picket fences can be any color the homeowners choose if they want to add a modern twist. Likewise, the fence height of picket fences also varies based on preference and budget.

9. Louvered Wooden Fence

A louvered wood fence serves as a happy medium between privacy and non-privacy fences. This fence type blocks the view for onlookers from one angle. Then, from a different angle, the fence still allows airflow onto the property and a glimpse of the street.

Fencing pros build the louvered wood fence by angling the planks in the same direction at evenly spaced distances from each other. A popular choice for contemporary houses, louvered wooden planks produce a pleasing, geometric look.

10. Shadow Box Fence

This alternating board fence creates a peculiar shadow effect that gives the shadow box fence its name. The fence boards of a shadowbox fence can run horizontally or stand vertically, depending on the style the property owner wants.

Many homeowners like the efficient design of the shadowbox fence and appreciate how it beautifies their property. Although it requires some skill to set up, the shadowbox fence strikes a balance between partial concealment and allowing air circulation.

11. Wood Dog-Ear Fence

Many families like this simple, enduring fence design because it provides privacy and security for their homes. A popular choice for backyards, wood dog-ear fences keep pets and children safely on the property.

Wood dog-ear fences resemble other vertical privacy fences, except that the top of the pickets look like folded dog ears. You can paint the wood in attractive colors or add contrasting colors to the posts and pickets for a more dramatic effect.


What type of wood fence is best?

The best types of wood fences include cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. The lifespan of cedar pickets extends from 15 to 30 years. Treated cedar can last up to 40 years. Pressure-treated pine split-rail fences and lattice fences can last as long as 20 years. A well-maintained redwood fence will stand strong for around 25 years.

What is the cheapest style fence to build?

Vertical wood fences cost less than horizontal fences. Manufacturers make vertical fences out of cheaper material and often sell them in pre-packaged bundles. Horizontal wooden fences sometimes shift, so manufacturers use stronger wood to prevent it. All wooden fences appeal to homeowners because they come at affordable prices.

What style of wood fence lasts longest?

The style of wood fence that lasts the longest is a western red cedar fence. On average, a wooden fence will last for around 15 years. Cedar privacy fences can last for 15 to 30 years, depending on the care and attention they receive. For this reason, cedar tops the list of the most popular wood choices for fences.

What are the disadvantages of a cedar fence?

The disadvantage of a cedar fence is that it turns gray or silver after a while. Although cedar lasts a long time and resists insect infestation, the color change affects how the fence looks. Applying long-lasting color protection can prevent the cedar wood from losing its rich, red hue. Pressure-treated wood is an effective alternative to cedar.

The 11 Most Popular Types of Wood Fence Ideas | Stand Strong Fencing

Which fence style do you like the most? Whether you want to add some rustic charm or create a modern look for your home, our fencing experts will deliver a perfect fence that will last for decades. Call Stand Strong Fencing at (866) 516-8692 to schedule a free consultation today!