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The Top 8 Best Wood and Metal Fence Ideas

Get inspired by some of the best wood and metal fence ideas for your home! Most homeowners have a preference when it comes to fence material. Some like wood, while others prefer metal. But what about wood and metal fences? What are their benefits? And how much maintenance do they require? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Wood and Metal Fences

Discover several perks of owning a wood and metal fence. A wood and metal fence takes the best elements of a typical wood fence and a metal fence. The result is a strong, long-lasting fence that looks great and functions smoothly. Take a look at the best benefits of a wood and metal fence below.


A wood and metal fence exhibits more strength than a wooden fence because the metal fence posts and railing do not flex like wood. This fence style will withstand mild-to-moderate impacts during inclement weather or backyard football games. A wood and metal fence will also wobble less than a wooden fence, especially as the years pass.


A new fence made with wood and metal will last longer than one made purely of wood. Wood posts tend to rot near the bottom because they soak up excess moisture from the soil above the concrete bases. Metal fence posts do not experience this type of deterioration. Apply rust-proof paint to address any rust that appears near the bottom of metal fence posts.


Enjoy endless customization options with a wood and metal fence. One of the best things about these types of fences involves the selection of materials. Choose between several different kinds of metal and wood to create the perfect finished product. Homeowners can decide on a rustic, industrial, modern, or futuristic design that complements the rest of the property.

Aesthetic Appeal

Mixed media fences deliver considerable curb appeal. The contrast between the metal and wood creates additional visual interest that sets this type of fence apart from a purely metal or wooden fence. Ideal for a front yard fence, wood and metal fences make an outstanding first impression on guests who visit for the first time.

8 Wood and Metal Fence Ideas

Find the perfect fence design for your outdoor space. Wood and metal fences come in all shapes and sizes, so a homeowner can always find an eye-catching fence style that suits their landscape design. From a picket fence to a privacy fence, find the top eight best wood and metal fence ideas below.

1. Wood and Metal Picket Fence

Put the finishing touches on an idyllic home with a white picket fence. The quintessential symbol of the American Dream just got an upgrade with metal fence posts. Also called pickets, these metal posts will help a picket fence stay upright longer than a wooden fence.

Paint the posts the same color as the wood for a traditional look. Or, use contrasting colors to make the wood and metal fence stand out. By combining wood and metal fencing materials, the fence will look like a standard picket fence, but perform better for years to come.

2. Wood and Metal Privacy Fence

With a privacy fence design, homeowners can spend time with their families without interruption. The privacy fence style eliminates gaps between the wood slats to create a feeling of intimacy and seclusion. Passersby will not be able to see into the yard unless they peek their heads over the top of this wood and metal fence.

Often constructed as a horizontal fence, the wood panels run lengthwise for a modern look. However, a vertical privacy fence design remains one of several fencing options as well. Either way, the clean lines and extra dose of discretion make a wood and metal privacy fence a popular choice among homeowners looking to start a new fence project.

3. Contemporary Wood and Metal Fence

Show off your modern taste with a contemporary wood and metal fence. Pushing the envelope further than ever before, contemporary fences often possess custom metal fence posts worked into geometrical shapes and rare wood selections.

Most of the time, a contemporary fence design will have horizontal wood panels and metal railings. With an emphasis on simplicity and low maintenance, the contemporary fence style continues to grow in popularity, especially with young families.

4. Wooden Pallet and Metal Fence

Save the planet with a green fence design that repurposes wood pallets to create a striking wood and metal fence. Wood pallet fence panels have enjoyed a marked increase in popularity over the past few years. Strong and visually appealing, this fence design will hold up as long as any other type of wooden fence.

In many ways, wooden pallet fence panels represent the smart choice when deciding on a fence style. Installing a fence made from wood pallets reduces waste and costs less than most other types of wood and metal fence designs.

5. Corrugated Metal and Wood Fence

A corrugated metal and wood fence serves as another affordable fence design. Unlike most metal and wood fences, this type of fence has wooden fence posts instead of metal posts. The overall aesthetic appears reminiscent of other industrial-style fences, at a fraction of the price.

One of the other benefits of corrugated metals is that they work well as fence panels when creating privacy fences. The metal has no holes, so nosy neighbors will not be peeking through the fence.

6. Horizontal Wood and Metal Fence

Give your property a modern makeover with a new, horizontal fence design. Horizontal wood panels are all the rage among young homeowners, especially those who intend to build a wood and metal fence. Many believe horizontal fences add more curb appeal to a home than traditional fences.

Metal fence posts and horizontal wood slats make for excellent privacy fences, which often have metal frames around the outside. They represent a clear departure from traditional fences with vertical slats.

7. Industrial Wood and Metal Fence

Create some industrial appeal for an urban home with a wood and metal fence. Homeowners can keep the concrete jungle at bay with a fence made of wood and various metals. Some of the most popular metals used to complete an industrial fence design include:

Industrial fences sometimes contain stone elements as well. When designed well, an industrial fence can enhance a home’s curb appeal, especially if it matches nearby architecture.

8. Rustic Wood and Metal Fence

Maintain a low profile with a rustic wood and metal fence. Distressed wood and wrought iron combine to make some of the best fences. Although this fence design has a rustic look, homeowners can expect it to stand upright for decades.

A rustic fence also creates an opportunity to repurpose hinges, latches, and other hardware. Many homeowners like to search antique shops for rare pieces to make their fences stand out. Plus, reusing old hardware reduces the amount of waste that would eventually find its way to the landfill.


Are metal fence panels cheaper than wood?

Metal fence panels are cheaper than wood once maintenance is factored in over the fence’s lifetime. However, at the point of sale, wood fence panels are more affordable than metal unless a rare type of wood is selected. Maintenance expenses can inflate the cost of ownership of a wooden fence to 40% more than that of a metal fence.

What is the cheapest style fence to build?

The cheapest style fence to build is a chain link fence. This type of fence uses minimal metal material to keep the price low while still providing ample security. It also takes a short time to install a chain link fence, especially if the fence posts are already in place. In such cases, the installer only needs to unroll the chain link, and fix it to the existing posts.

Is metal fencing better than wood?

Metal fencing is better than wood in some cases and worse than wood in others. It depends on the fence’s purpose and the property owner’s expectations. For example, most homeowners think wood fences look better than metal fences. But a metal fence will not burn like a wooden fence.

How do you attach metal to a wood fence?

You attach metal to a wood fence with brackets and screws. In most cases, the metal an installer attaches will be metal fence posts, hinges, gates, or lighting. Also called pipe grips, brackets attach to the wooden fence railings to ensure a secure fit around the metal posts to keep the wood slats stable.

Wood and Metal Fence Concepts | Stand Strong Fencing

Now that you have seen the most popular wood and metal fence design ideas, which one will you choose? We have covered everything from picket fences to industrial fences to repurposed pallet fences. Our fence installation experts can help you choose the perfect wooden slats and fence posts for your home. Call Stand Strong Fencing today at 615-431-1511 to schedule a free consultation!